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Whether he’s dropping beats or dropping jaws, DJ Disciple is changing the game of modern music forever. David Banks, aka DJ Disciple, is an internationally touring artist, DJ, radio host, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is most famous for his success on the music charts, including his hit single, "On the Dancefloor," which peaked at #67 in the UK Singles Chart in 1994, and his Grammy-nominated track “Caught Up,” which earned the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in 2002 and was later featured on the Showtime series “Queer as Folk” in 2006. Disciple has also earned his way to the top in the world of remixes, and won an ARIA music award in Australia for his remix of producer Steven Allkins, aka Love Tattoo’s hit, “The Bass Has Got Me Movin.”

Disciple grew up with music in his genes. His father played piano with Miles Davis and his brother slapped bass for George Benson. Disciple got his start as a gospel DJ and, staying true to his religious roots, coined his name as a constant reminder that “only what you do for Christ shall last”. He started his professional career in 1987 when he worked as a radio host and mixer for WNYE FM, and quickly gained a loyal following of listeners. In the 90’s, he hosted “The Best Kept Secret”, a mix show also on WNYE (FM), where he spun the hottest new underground tracks from rising artists. From there, he moved on to touring as a DJ in 1992 with his eyes set on global success.

Disciple started out strong, and his first professional DJ gig was at the famous Studio 54 in New York. After that, John Firman represented Disciple for his shows in the UK and got him booked to play Lakota in Bristol and Ministry of Sound only one year later. As he traveled, his fan base quickly grew in size and diversity. By the time he debuted his first single on Muzik Pushers in 1993, his career was well on its way to the top. That same year, Disciple revealed “Show Me Love” by Robin S. to the London audience. Ever since Ministry Of Sound has booked Disciple to play the main stage at least twice a year until 2001.

Taking his talents worldwide, DJ Disciple moved his success overseas and in 1994 he played 50 dates throughout the UK. In 2001, Disciple started journaling on the web and joined the website team of “Trust The DJ.” Through his journaling, Disciple helped create the concept for the book, “Around the World in 150 Clubs,” an examination of numerous past and present venues and the touring artists that give them life. His journals bring light to his experiences in legendary venues in Africa, Europe, America, North America, South Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

DJ Disciple is just as much an entrepreneur as he is a musician, and has had great success through starting his own record label, Catch 22 Recordings. The label is consistently putting out quality tracks, but one of the most noteworthy releases on this label was Disciple’s hit single, "Work It Out" featuring Dawn Tallman, which debuted in 2006. This track was also re-released on House Trained Records in the UK and made appearances on MTV and BBC Radio 1.

From there, Disciple collaborated with numerous artists including David Tort and DJ Ruff for the track “Changes” in 2008, top Spanish Producer Javi Mula on “Sexy Lady” in 2010, Jan & Solo on "U Know My Steez" in 2011, and Albert Neve on "Romper Room" featuring Dru Hepkins in 2012. The video for "Sexy Lady" won the award for “Best Dance Clip Video” in Spain.

In 2008, Disciple became the life of the party when he started his Next Level Party events in Brooklyn. Top-notch guests included The Martinez Brothers, Wunmi, Ursula Rucker, Last Poets Abiodun Oyewole, and others. Disciple filmed “The Next Level Party Documentary” as a seven-part YouTube series and tribute to his raging festivities.

While taking a hiatus from traveling and producing in 2012, Disciple was still able to make appearances at Cielo, Sullivan Rooms, Bar 13, Coney Island, and Fort Greene Park Festival. He continued to maintain his residencies at Le Souk and Release, where he played with Tony Humphries, Hex Hector, John Benitez, and others. In 2013 DJ Disciple started a residency at Flo Lounge and restaurant in Queens, where he plays every Friday and Saturday night. Since 2016, Disciple plays every weekend at Martha’s Country Bakery in Brooklyn. He is back at Le Souk every Sunday night and collaborates with E Man for their Feel Real event at Rumpus Room (formerly Sapphire Lounge).

More recently, Disciple collaborated with Collette Mclafferty on “Birdseye View”. Disciple is currently finishing his untitled book. In 2017, Disciple’s label, Catch 22, celebrated its 22nd year of releasing music. Here’s to the future, and to 20 more years of revolutionizing the music industry.